Welcome to Aerrorath

The world of Aerrorath is believed by most to be a realm of never-ending oceans. Massive island chains dot the horizon. Volcanic mountains erupting from the sea floor are quite common. In general, most of the populations on each island swear fealty to a single respective city-state on said island. Small continents exist but are rife with chaos and turmoil. Warlords wage an unceasing war for control of these “endless islands of milk and honey” and therefore make these areas quite dangerous. The creatures and denizens of the realm are very similar to their Forgotten Realms equivalent with a few exceptions:

Goblinoids and Orcs

Goblinoids and Orcs have been hunted to near extinction by the dwarves. At one point in Aerrorath history, the great goblinoid war-bands united with the Orc chieftens and held a vast empire under the control of a great and powerful being. The Dwarves fought a long and bloody campaign against their chieftains and won. The scattered tribes were then mercilessly hunted and slaughtered for 7 generations as retribution for their cruelty to the other races of Aerrorath. Because of this, few if any adventurers could even hope to see a single goblin or its kin in their entire lifetime.

Half-orcs, Tieflings, Aasimar, and Dragonborn

Because of the Orc genocide, Half-orcs are exceedingly rare, and when they do show up it is not because of an immediate coupling between Orc and human, but a bubbling up of Orc blood in a tainted bloodline. Tieflings, Aasimar, and Dragonborn are all examples of this as well. As a result, each of these races are usually born to human parents and tend to be shunned, exiled, or worse. There are a few communities that exist solely of these races, but they are refugee camps aiding their “kin” and few individuals are actually related, even within a family type structure.


Warforged exist primarily in the wartorn continents, though defectors have been seen and are even welcomed on some islands. Their origin is a mystery to all, including themselves.


Ability Score Adjustments: Your Constitution score increases by 2.
Living Construct: Even though you were constructed, you are a humanoid. You are immune to disease. You do not need to breathe, eat or drink, but you can ingest food or drink if you wish.
Unsleeping Sentinel: Warforged don’t need to sleep. Instead, they settle into a resting state, remaining semiconscious for 4 hours each day. While in this rest state, you are fully aware of your surroundings. After resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that a human does from 8 hours of sleep.
Integrated Armor: When you are not wearing armor, your AC is 12 + your Dexterity modifier. During a short rest, you can bond a suit of armor you are wearing to your body. When you finish that short rest, the armor you are wearing is bonded to you, and it cannot subsequently be removed from your body until you finish another short rest during which time you remove the bonded armor.
Self-Stabilizing: You have advantage on death saving throws.
Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common.
Type: Multiple types of warforged are found among the worlds of D&D, including warforged scouts and warforged soldiers. Choose one of these types.

Warforged Scout

Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Size: Small
Enhanced Movement: Your legs have been enhanced and your movement is 35 feet

Warforged Soldier

Ability Score Increase: Your Strength score increases by 1.
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 feet
Integrated Weapon: You are considered proficient with unarmed attacks, your damage die is 1d4. During a short rest, you can bond a weapon you are proficient with into your body. When you finish that short rest, the weapon you are wielding is bonded to you, and it cannot subsequently be removed from your body until you finish another short rest during which time you remove the bonded weapon. A bonded weapon cannot be disarmed.

Warforged Tactician

Ability Score Increase: Your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 feet
Enhanced sight: Your vision has been enhanced, you have darkvision to a range of 60 feet.


Firearms and gunpowder are present in this world but are rare, rudimentary, expensive, and considered contraband by most governments. Firearm proficiency is available by a feat only (no classes innately have firearm proficiency), but this doesn’t stop unskilled individuals from wielding them anyway.

Other rules and notes…

This campaign is a narrative, with each of us coming together to tell a compelling story. Power gaming (min/maxing) and metagaming is strongly discouraged. Character generation will be at first level. Race/class/backgrounds/etc. are all chosen as normal. No evil alignments. Unearthed Arcana is allowed as long as you consult DM first. Resurrection will be Critical Role style. Stat scores have been pregenerated by DM and each character will use the same numbers (before racial bonuses). Stats will be hidden from players, though each player will choose what skills and such their character is proficient in and which stats are their best/worst. Players still roll dice but the DM consults the stats and states outcomes.
In addition to normal background bonds in character creation, each player will develop for their character at least one connection or bond with another character. The preference is two connections or bonds (they don’t have to be super elaborate, just something that ties your character to another character). This makes for a more cohesive group and is a little more realistic (think about it, each player at the table has at least one connection with someone else at the table).
The most important thing is fun. Rules may be altered or ignored by DM at any time in the interest of a more enjoyable experience.
I’m sure I’m forgetting some other things, but we’ll try to cross that bridge before the murder hobo’s burn it.


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